Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The state of American Christianity

Pagans today have more of an understanding of christianity then most professing christians. If you asked a "christian" today what it means to be a christian, they'd say that they said a prayer accepting Jesus into their hearts then said "Uh Huh" to 4 or 5 statements, then were welcomed as believers. And as a result of their "sacrifice in making these statements they receive eternal life in a giant playground called heaven where they can do anything they want. If this were all it took then any person not being a christians would be a complete idiot to not do this. Eternal life for merely saying yes to a few statements?
If this were true why are there even pagans? The answer is that pagans realize there's something more, they understand they'll have to give up the things they enjoy doing. while most professing christians keep doing the same things they did before and deny that they have to change. The greatest tragedy in today's world, is not the sins of the Pagans, but the sins of modern Christians. Pagans understand that becoming a christian involves change, while "christians" believe the only distinguishing mark between them and Christians, is there going to heaven. This is a lie, and if I were them I would fear for their souls.


Santeyio said...

Too true, too true. Not the best grammar, punctuation, or style, but hey, it gets the point accross. lol.

LetsArgue said...

Well, I think you’re being too kind to some of the so called “Christians”. I find them some of the most vile creatures of the creation. After all, it was the like people who slew our Lord, and was joyful about it.

However, can anyone be more lost that any other? I think not.

Why can I not link to your Blog? I'd love to.

Andrew, your friendly Disciple of Christ said...

Hey, some interesting points you make. Here's my thoughts;

The bible teaches that first we have to believe, then repent, and be baptized, agreed? No i will not debate what needs to come first, but thats not important right now.

the bible also states that we are saved through grace, not by our own doing (Acts 15.11 and Ephesians 2.8). So technically all someone has to do is believe in God to be saved.

here's the kicker though, I feel that if you truly believe in God, and believe in the bible, then you will strive to live out the truths within held because of your love for our Creator.

So i agree with you on some points, but not on all of them.

Now i'm off to read the rest of your posts, keep up the work, the world needs more people who "truly believe"

btw, it would be nice if you could check out mine to :)

until next time

Buddha said...

A true Christian is one that speaks and acts like Jesus – e.g.: Mother Theresa.
Although millions of people call themselves Christians they are only bibleist and churchists. They have prostituted Christ, idolize and merchandise him.
I still consider Jesus as one of the greatest teachers and prophets but I have left the Christian church long ago. So you see many of the pagans you are talking about actually believe in Jesus.

Buddha said...

i posted a comment, what append? if you don't like my opinions you should let me know i will not come to your blog again.

Above the Influence said...

Hey sorry about that Buddha, I kind of stop using this blog as you can see by the lack of recent posts.

However, I agree with your statement. "A true Christian is one that speaks and acts like Jesus." But, we can never truly judge on who is a christian, and who isn't. We get get pretty close, :) but in the end only God can truly know the heart. The last part of your comment, I didn't completely agree with though, (or it's possible I just misunderstood it.) But mental belief in Jesus, does not save one's soul. If it is purely mental assent, then it means nothing. One must believe, but if he truly believes, then his life will change. The bible says, you will know them by their fruit. And, though we can never really know for sure, just because some pagan claim to believe in Jesus, it doesn't make them saved.

And I'm curious, you said that you had left the Christian church? Why did you do that? What brought you to that decision? (and I'm just curious I'm not trying to challege your beliefs or anything.)