Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The state of American Christianity

Pagans today have more of an understanding of christianity then most professing christians. If you asked a "christian" today what it means to be a christian, they'd say that they said a prayer accepting Jesus into their hearts then said "Uh Huh" to 4 or 5 statements, then were welcomed as believers. And as a result of their "sacrifice in making these statements they receive eternal life in a giant playground called heaven where they can do anything they want. If this were all it took then any person not being a christians would be a complete idiot to not do this. Eternal life for merely saying yes to a few statements?
If this were true why are there even pagans? The answer is that pagans realize there's something more, they understand they'll have to give up the things they enjoy doing. while most professing christians keep doing the same things they did before and deny that they have to change. The greatest tragedy in today's world, is not the sins of the Pagans, but the sins of modern Christians. Pagans understand that becoming a christian involves change, while "christians" believe the only distinguishing mark between them and Christians, is there going to heaven. This is a lie, and if I were them I would fear for their souls.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Logic of the World

The Logic of the World

He lay there naked, cold and bare,
His state so wretched, poor men stare,
His body bore the sting of blows,
Revealed in the Sun’s piercing glare,

He got no mercy from his foes,
He lay there in his dieing throes,
He shook a fist fiercely up high,
And cursed God loudly for his woes,

If there’s a God up in that sky,
I ask one question, I ask why?
For what bad deed has this been wrought,
Or do you delight when men die?

He disliked the answer he got,
In fact his question was for naught.
In the silence his body grew taut,
There is no God he madly thought,

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Shakespearian Sonnet

wow i had stopped writing on this blog, but much to my suprise it's still be getting a good amount of traffic, so i've decided to post again, for now at least. Here's a poem I wrote for my mom as a little boy. I don't really understand it either lol but it sounded good, and she liked it so who cares.

Shakespearian Sonnet

O how my tears would flow upon that morn,
If your budding flower withered down,
You're little leaf since the day I was born,
To the day my leaf fadest to the ground,

I pray that every day this plant will grow,
And shine in it's glory nay the pride,
This present from the ground with grandeur bow,
Shall ever live as beauty nature cried,

O dew continue falling here I pray,
Let the sun conquer darkness' hate,
The love that binds this plant furlong the day,
May light triumph as was deemed for it's fate,

For ages yet forever flourish on,
And end the darkness by the waking dawn.