Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Logic of the World

The Logic of the World

He lay there naked, cold and bare,
His state so wretched, poor men stare,
His body bore the sting of blows,
Revealed in the Sun’s piercing glare,

He got no mercy from his foes,
He lay there in his dieing throes,
He shook a fist fiercely up high,
And cursed God loudly for his woes,

If there’s a God up in that sky,
I ask one question, I ask why?
For what bad deed has this been wrought,
Or do you delight when men die?

He disliked the answer he got,
In fact his question was for naught.
In the silence his body grew taut,
There is no God he madly thought,


Santeyio said...

lol, a valorous attempt. Actually, it was pretty good. I like that AABA BBCB etc. etc. rhyme scheme. You did pretty well with the rhyming too. None of it was really corny. I like that answer he got, lol.

Jena Isle said...

Worthy of praise, nice poetry..why don't you join the poetry circles?
All the best.