Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Emotional Poetry

Here is one about a Homeless man, thoughts are appreciated.

The torture of my memory,
Makes me wish I cannot see,

There is no light at the end,
My scars of woe I cannot mend,

Against the world alone I stand,
Drowning in water desperate for land,

The ghosts of fate are not my friend,
If this goes on my life will end,

Friends have deserted but hundreds of foes,
I'm filled with pain by Satan's arrows,

The agony I feel makes me lay down and cry,
I am sitting alone and wondering why?

What did I do to deserve all this,
What happened to the years of bliss,

Why should I go on what's for to live?
By my horrible choices I'm a captive,

The grief the distress the torture the pain,
All of my striving it's all been in vain,

The bench in the park is my home now,
My chances are gone I sit with head bowed,

O just one more chance to redeem myself,
It's all one need's to save himself,

But here I sit my live is over,
The time goes steadily getting colder,

And there you go walking by,
A flare of hope and then it dies,

You make yourself think someone else will,
You know its a lie and it's me you kill,

What would've happened if you'd hadn't ran,
What would've happened if you'd given a hand,


Dora Renee' Wilkerson said...

I love Poetry. There is something about it that as your topic calls it gives it emotion.

Glad I stopped by,

Dora Renee' Wilkerson

exinco said...

looking for more poet, sometime it drive our life

Blank Mind of Treizie said...

It is a good poem..

I just wish that i know how to make a good one like that..

My Den said...

Hi Above The Influence,
That was a great poem and thanks a lot for dropping by Third Rock From The Sun.

You might want to read some of my poems (badly written 30 years ago when i was a boy!)at another blog of mine at:
- The Magic Of Poetry

Take care :)