Saturday, October 6, 2007

Unknown soldier poem

it's time for more poetry this is one I wrote a while ago but have redone slightly. Every line is eight syllables.

"The anthem of the Unknown dead"

The anthem of the unknown dead,
Baptized in a pool of red,

Forgotten through the mists of time,
Both their good deeds and their crimes,

Lost souls buried in foriegn lands,
Retaken by all nature's hands,

These men whose sacrifice was all,
From lives of sorrow blest they fall,

With naught to hold aloft but pain,
Forgotten soldiers die in vain,

But Nay, a bloody battle crown,
Is won on God forsaken ground,

When they fell to deaht's cold fierce bite,
Alone and friendless in the fight,

Life dripping from their face and brow,
They fall to knees and head they bow,

But spirit keeps it's loyal fire,
A belief in a cause that's higher,

One that conquers fear of death,
And give the dieing man new breath,

Honor, passion, quest for glory,
These create the lore of story,

These fuel the heart's desire,
and create the Mental fire,

To happ'ly sacrifice one's all,
To fight in foreign lands then fall,

The anthem of the unknown dead,
Spurs the hearts of man's heros bred,

To boldly conquer any height,
To fight a foe as dark as night,

The unknown dead are hero's born,
Their heart and soul on oath they've sworn,

These hero's are the greatest man,
Who proudly die to save the land.


NeoAuteur said...

Fantastic poem! I'll pass the poem to a friend of mine who was a former soldier. He loves poems like this.

RecycleCindy said...

Another wonderful poem!